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SurgSim::Device::SixenseScaffold::StateData Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StateData ()
 Initialize the state. More...

Public Attributes

bool isApiInitialized
 True if the API has been initialized (and not finalized). More...
std::unique_ptr< SixenseThreadthread
 Processing thread. More...
std::list< std::unique_ptr
< SixenseScaffold::DeviceData > > 
 The list of known devices. More...
boost::mutex mutex
 The mutex that protects the list of known devices. More...

Private Member Functions

 StateData (const StateData &)
StateDataoperator= (const StateData &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SurgSim::Device::SixenseScaffold::StateData::StateData ( )

Initialize the state.

SurgSim::Device::SixenseScaffold::StateData::StateData ( const StateData )

Member Function Documentation

StateData& SurgSim::Device::SixenseScaffold::StateData::operator= ( const StateData )

Member Data Documentation

std::list<std::unique_ptr<SixenseScaffold::DeviceData> > SurgSim::Device::SixenseScaffold::StateData::activeDeviceList

The list of known devices.

bool SurgSim::Device::SixenseScaffold::StateData::isApiInitialized

True if the API has been initialized (and not finalized).

boost::mutex SurgSim::Device::SixenseScaffold::StateData::mutex

The mutex that protects the list of known devices.

std::unique_ptr<SixenseThread> SurgSim::Device::SixenseScaffold::StateData::thread

Processing thread.

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