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 DevicesThe 'Devices' namespace contains classes that add physical devices (e.g., mice, keyboards, data acquisition, and robots) to simulations
 LabJack: A Measurement and Automation DeviceLabJack Corporation produces measurement and automation devices (e.g., DAQs)
 MultiAxis: 3D Mouse Device (e.g, 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator)3D mice (aka 3D motion controllers, 3D navigation devices, or 6 DOF devices) are input devices similar to typical computer mice, but enabling control of position and orientation
 Novint: Haptic DeviceThe Novint Falcon (by Novint Technologies, Inc.) is a 3D force-feedback haptic device
 Phantom: Haptic DevicesThe Geomagic haptic devices measure 6DOF positions and orientations, and can exert forces on the user's hand (some models exert 3DOF forces, others 6DOF)
 Sixense: Motion and Orientation Tracking DeviceThe Razer Hydra (by Sixense Entertainment and Razer USA) is a device that tracks position and orientation of two controllers using magnetic fields
 TrackIR: Optical TrackerNaturalPoint's product list contains various motion capture cameras/systems to measure position and orientation of tracked objects
 The OSS Framework
 SerializationLoading and storing of instances from the OpenSurgSim framework utilizes the facilities provided by YAML-cpp, the duck typing and introspection capabilities provided by SurgSim::Framework::Accessible and when necessary a generic class registration and factory mechanism provided by SurgSim::Framework::ObjectFactory
 File Format ConversionIn OpenSurgSim(OSS), we load graphical meshes from obj(3D model format) files and meshes for physics and collision from ply(Polygon File Format) files
 Todo List