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SurgSim::Input Namespace Reference


class  CommonDevice
 A class that implements some common management code on top of the DeviceInterface. More...
class  DeviceInterface
 Interface used to communicate with user-interface hardware devices. More...
class  InputComponent
 InputComponent combines the Component interface and the InputConsumerInterface so that input devices can provide input through the normal component interface. More...
class  InputConsumer
 An input consumer monitors device and signal state update. More...
class  InputConsumerInterface
 Interface for a consumer that monitors device and signal state updates (pose, buttons, etc). More...
class  InputManager
 Manager to handle InputComponent and OutputComponent, SceneElement can add these to get input from devices, or even write output to devices. More...
class  OutputComponent
 OutputComponent is a Component that has an OutputProducer, a concrete instance of OutputProducerInterface, so that output devices can receive data through the normal component interface to SceneElements. More...
class  OutputProducer
 An output producer sends data to a device. More...
class  OutputProducerInterface
 Interface for a producer that generates device output updates (forces, status LED state, etc). More...


 SURGSIM_REGISTER (SurgSim::Framework::Component, SurgSim::Input::InputComponent, InputComponent)
 SURGSIM_REGISTER (SurgSim::Framework::Component, SurgSim::Input::OutputComponent, OutputComponent)

Function Documentation

SurgSim::Input::SURGSIM_REGISTER ( SurgSim::Framework::Component  ,
SurgSim::Input::OutputComponent  ,
SurgSim::Input::SURGSIM_REGISTER ( SurgSim::Framework::Component  ,
SurgSim::Input::InputComponent  ,
SurgSim::Input::SURGSIM_STATIC_REGISTRATION ( OutputComponent  )
SurgSim::Input::SURGSIM_STATIC_REGISTRATION ( InputComponent  )