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Welcome to the OpenSurgSim Project!


OpenSurgSim is a new (2013) effort to build an open source surgical simulation framework. The foundation of the framework draws on many years of proprietary simulation development that has matured to the point of being generally useful for a wide range if simulators. Over the course of the year the released framework will grow from the minimal infrastructure that is currently available to a system capable of creating complete simulations. While the initial core is being contributed by SimQuest, the intent is that other groups join in the effort to from an active community with contributions coming from a variety of places.


We encourage all members of the surgical simulation community to get involved with the project at any level. The code is beginning to be added and so now is a great time to weigh in with thoughts and ideas about the basic architecture and API's. If you see something you like, or don't like, or could be more useful to you if it were done differently speak up. This goes for the code as well as the rest of the project. We are open to ideas of all sorts.