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SurgSim::Math::LinearSolveAndInverseSymmetricTriDiagonalBlockMatrix< BlockSize > Class Template Reference

Derivation for symmetric tri-diagonal block matrix type. More...

#include <SurgSim/Math/LinearSolveAndInverse.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void operator() (const Matrix &A, const Vector &b, Vector *x=nullptr, Matrix *Ainv=nullptr) override
 Solve a linear system A.x=b and compute the matrix A^-1. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SurgSim::Math::LinearSolveAndInverse
virtual ~LinearSolveAndInverse ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SurgSim::Math::LinearSolveAndInverseTriDiagonalBlockMatrix< BlockSize >
void inverseTriDiagonalBlock (const SurgSim::Math::Matrix &A, SurgSim::Math::Matrix *inv, bool isSymmetric=false)
 Computes the inverse matrix. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from SurgSim::Math::LinearSolveAndInverseTriDiagonalBlockMatrix< BlockSize >
Matrix m_inverse
 Member variable to hold the inverse matrix in case only the solving is requested. More...

Detailed Description

template<int BlockSize>
class SurgSim::Math::LinearSolveAndInverseSymmetricTriDiagonalBlockMatrix< BlockSize >

Derivation for symmetric tri-diagonal block matrix type.

Template Parameters
BlockSizeDefine the block size of the tri-diagonal block matrix

Member Function Documentation

template<int BlockSize>
void SurgSim::Math::LinearSolveAndInverseSymmetricTriDiagonalBlockMatrix< BlockSize >::operator() ( const Matrix A,
const Vector b,
Vector x = nullptr,
Matrix Ainv = nullptr 

Solve a linear system A.x=b and compute the matrix A^-1.

ALinear system matrix
bLinear system right-hand-side
[out]xLinear system unknown (if requested)
[out]AinvLinear system matrix inverse = A^-1 (if requested)

Reimplemented from SurgSim::Math::LinearSolveAndInverseTriDiagonalBlockMatrix< BlockSize >.

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