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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Cconvert< std::array< T, N > >YAML::convert specialization for std::array
 Cconvert< std::shared_ptr< SurgSim::Framework::Component > >Specialization of YAML::convert for std::shared_ptr<Component>, use this for to read in a component written by the convert<SurgSim::Framework::Component> converter, or a reference to a component written by this converter
 Cconvert< std::shared_ptr< SurgSim::Framework::Scene > >
 Cconvert< std::shared_ptr< SurgSim::Framework::SceneElement > >
 Cconvert< std::shared_ptr< SurgSim::Math::Shape > >
 Cconvert< std::shared_ptr< T > >Specializatio of YAML::convert for std::shared_ptr, this is used to redirect the serialization of a derived class to the specialization of the serialization for a base class, for example all subclasses of Component can use the Component serialization specialization, currently each redirection has to be implemented separately, there is probably a way to do this automatically
 Cconvert< std::unordered_map< Key, T > >YAML::convert specialization for std::unordered_map
 Cconvert< std::unordered_set< Value > >YAML::convert specialization for std::unordered_set
 Cconvert< SurgSim::DataStructures::OptionalValue< T > >YAML::convert specialization for OptionalValue
 Cconvert< SurgSim::Framework::Component >Override of the convert structure for an Component, use this form to write out a full version of the component information, to decode a component use the other converter
 Cconvert< SurgSim::Framework::SceneElement >
 Cconvert< SurgSim::Graphics::Representation >Specialize of YAML::convert<> template Represensation class
 Cconvert< SurgSim::Graphics::SphereRepresentation >Specialize of YAML::convert<> template SphereRepresensation class
 Cconvert< SurgSim::Math::IntegrationScheme >
 Cconvert< SurgSim::Physics::RigidRepresentationState >
 Cconvert< typename Eigen::Matrix< Type, Rows, 1, MOpt > >Specialization for Eigen Row Vectors, which are the type that Vector2x, Vector3x use
 Cconvert< typename Eigen::Matrix< Type, Rows, Cols, MOpt > >Specialization of convert for fixed size Eigen::Matrix
 Cconvert< typename Eigen::Quaternion< Type, QOpt > >Specialization of convert for Eigen::Quaternion
 Cconvert< typename Eigen::Transform< Type, Dim, TMode, TOptions > >Specialization of convert for Eigen::RigidTransform
 CGlutAxesAxes with center at local origin, red axis along the local X-axis, green axis along the local Y-axis, and blue axis along the local Z-axis
 CGlutCameraCamera which controls the view of the scene
 CGlutGroupGroup of objects which provides a transform hierarchy
 CGlutRendererSimple static class renderer built on Glut
 CGlutRenderObjectAbstract definition of an object that can render itself with Glut
 CGlutSphereSphere with center at local origin
 CGlutSquareSquare with center at local origin
 CMovingSquareForceA simple listener to calculate collision force against a square area for the example application
 CSquarePoseVectorsState defined by the pose of the square
 CMovingSquareGlutWindowA simple listener to display the simple scene composed of a square and tool for the example application
 CSerializationMockComponentThis class is for testing the linker and checking if the definition stays in the executable even if there is not direct reference to it, DO NOT define a member of this class explicitly anywhere