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TriangleMeshPlyReaderDelegate.h File Reference
#include <array>
#include <memory>
#include "SurgSim/DataStructures/EmptyData.h"
#include "SurgSim/DataStructures/PlyReader.h"
#include "SurgSim/DataStructures/PlyReaderDelegate.h"
#include "SurgSim/DataStructures/TriangleMeshBase.h"
#include "SurgSim/DataStructures/TriangleMeshPlyReaderDelegate-inl.h"
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class  SurgSim::DataStructures::TriangleMeshPlyReaderDelegate< M >
 Implementation of PlyReaderDelegate for simple triangle meshes. More...
struct  SurgSim::DataStructures::TriangleMeshPlyReaderDelegate< M >::VertexData
 Internal structure, the receiver for data from the "vertex" element Provide space for standard ply vertex data, x/y/z and s/t. More...
struct  SurgSim::DataStructures::TriangleMeshPlyReaderDelegate< M >::FaceData
 Internal structure, the received for data from the "face" element. More...