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FrameworkConvert.h File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <yaml-cpp/yaml.h>
#include "SurgSim/Framework/FrameworkConvert-inl.h"
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struct  YAML::convert< std::shared_ptr< T > >
 Specializatio of YAML::convert for std::shared_ptr, this is used to redirect the serialization of a derived class to the specialization of the serialization for a base class, for example all subclasses of Component can use the Component serialization specialization, currently each redirection has to be implemented separately, there is probably a way to do this automatically. More...
struct  YAML::convert< std::shared_ptr< SurgSim::Framework::Component > >
 Specialization of YAML::convert for std::shared_ptr<Component>, use this for to read in a component written by the convert<SurgSim::Framework::Component> converter, or a reference to a component written by this converter. More...
struct  YAML::convert< SurgSim::Framework::Component >
 Override of the convert structure for an Component, use this form to write out a full version of the component information, to decode a component use the other converter. More...
struct  YAML::convert< std::shared_ptr< SurgSim::Framework::SceneElement > >
struct  YAML::convert< SurgSim::Framework::SceneElement >
struct  YAML::convert< std::shared_ptr< SurgSim::Framework::Scene > >